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M&M Peanut Bar

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 220

M&M Crispy Bar - 31G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 220

M&M’S Peanut Chocolate Pouch - 180G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 740Rs. 649

M&M’s Crunchy Caramel Chocolate Bar - 165G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 683Rs. 599

M&M'S peanut Chocolate - 165G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 683Rs. 599

M&M'S Chocolate Drink

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 433Rs. 411

M&M'S Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Block - 165G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 653Rs. 599

M&M Peanut Bag - 165G

✈️ Imported | Tax Included Rs. 600Rs. 570

Buy M&M small chocolate has various colors coating yellow, red blue, and many more. a young one to adult all somehow obsessed with this m&m. This chocolate does not melt in your hand, only melt in your mouth. This solid sugary delight with chocolate, chocolate bar, and a crispy chunk spread m&m in India on SnackZack.

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